Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First meeting devotional (Sept. 20)

Thanks, everyone, for a great first meeting!

Following is the text of Shana's devotional so that you can return to it and reflect if you would like, or add notes to your prayer journal.

"2 Timothy 1:7
God does not want us to be shy with our gifts, but instead to be bold, loving and sensible.

The apostle Paul is writing to Timothy, a preacher, to keep pushing forward and preaching the Good News while enduring the opposition and local hostility of the growing Church.

Paul is talking about our inner qualities, the spiritual character within us given by the Holy Spirit.  It is not a spirit of fearfulness or shyness. God did not give us a spirit of fearfulness, cowardice or timidity, so that we cower and let our flame die down when confronted. On the contrary, God gave us a spirit of boldness and love and common sense. These three graces were needed with Timothy's circumstances and for us.
What is power? It’s the aggressive energy in the face of difficulty, which overcomes the weakness of cowardice and enables one to work, to endure, to suffer and to die if need be.
What is love? It’s that self-forgetting love to Christ, the church and the souls of men, which exhorts, warns, rebukes with boldness and fidelity at whatever risk of consequences to self.
What is common sense? It’s soundness of mind, self-control, self-discipline, the exercise of using common sense, having a balanced mind.
In small group, we discussed common sense and momsense. We’ve all had times we’ve used them, and then times when we slapped ourselves because we didn’t.
Timothy persevered and kept sharing the good news that we too need to hear, that we are sinners and we need God’s forgiveness. Jesus died on the cross; He took the punishment we deserved, and then rose from the dead. In return, Jesus asks us to put our trust in Him and be obedient toward him. That is the beginning step of your relationship with Jesus.                       
I challenge you to be bold today and use your gifts to serve others and your family."

Monday, September 12, 2011

Countdown to MOPS

With just over one week until our first MOPS meeting, here are some videos from MOPS International that introduce this year's theme: "MomSense: Bold, Loving and Sensible."

Also check out the new page with the calendar for 2011-2012. We have lots of fun activities planned. Can't wait to see you there!

Which video is your favorite?

Which MOPS speaker or activity are you most looking forward to?