Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Registration opens

Registration for 2011-2012 is officially open to returning members, plus a few additional moms on our current e-mail list! We're reserving these spots through Friday, July 8, and paperwork and dues must be received by that date to hold your place in MOPS and/or MOPPETS. You should have received forms and directions from Becky Ericson.
Fall dues are $23.95 for MOPS International and $30 for local dues -- totaling $53.95. Scholarships are available.
Beginning on July 9, registration will be opened to the public.


The 2011-12 Steering Team: 
  • Coordinator - Shana W.
  • Treasurer - Jennifer A.
  • Hospitality - Lynette C.
  • Publicity - Amy B.
Discussion Groups will be a team effort.
Creative Activities will be led by various MOPS moms who are willing to lead an activity.
We're looking forward to the fall!


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